Nevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover

I don’t particularly like to do reviews that are entirely negative.  Almost every product I’ve used has had some usage case that it’s good for, even if that case doesn’t fit into my style.  If I can’t make enough use of something to get a good feel for it then I usually just put it aside and move on.  Today’s review is a little different though because it’s a product that just doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do and folks who might be interested need to be made aware of this.

solid_stacheNevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover is labelled as a moustache wax remover.  If you read my reviews you are probably well aware of my love for Wicked Cookie Duster, a liquid moustache wax remover that has proven it’s worth to me time and time again.  Unfortunately it has remained without a challenger…until now!  I quickly purchased a tube of Solid Stache Wax Remover.  Would this young upstart be able to knock Wicked Cookie Duster off of its throne?

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Petal Pusher Fancies Vegan Soy-Free Dandy Candy Moustache Wax

A little over a month ago I introduced you to an excellent moustache wax in Petal Pusher Fancies Vegan Dandy Candy Moustache Wax.  Unfortunately that tin of wax had a terminal encounter with a 90 degree day in sunny California but there’s no time for long goodbyes in the world of handlebars.  Today I have the distinct pleasure to introduce to you, drum roll please, Petal Pusher Fancies Vegan Soy-Free Dandy Candy Moustache Wax!

Vegan AND soy free?!  Amazing!

Vegan AND soy free?! Amazing!

Petal Pusher Fancies, as you know by now, is a fantastic little company in Massachusetts that specializes in soaps, moustache waxes and other fine organic grooming products.  If you haven’t familiarized yourself with their wares I recommend you take some time to look around the site.

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Petal Pusher Fancies Kokum Butter Shaving Soap

This one is a little awkward for me.  I have only recently discovered the manly art of wet shaving.  I’m not talking about a can of Barbasol and a disposable Bic.  I’m talking about an expensive badger hair brush, an expensive safety razor, an expensive stand for the brush and razor, an expensive shaving bowl, cheap razor blades and affordable shaving soap.  Keep in mind that all the expensive things are only expensive to me.  Compared to the rest of the brushes and razors available they were pretty cheap.

Pucks!  Not just for hockey anymore.

Pucks! Not just for hockey anymore.

Hodges at Petal Pusher Fancies was kind enough to send me a puck of their Kokum Butter Shaving Soap.  This is a vegan shaving soap.  The primary ingredient of which is Kokum Butter.  Kokum Butter is a very hard butter made from the seed of the garcinia indica tree which is native to India.  Kokum butter is an excellent moisturizer and is especially good for use on inflamed and damaged skin.  It’s almost as if it was designed by nature to be used in a shave soap.  I’m not going to go into detail with the rest of the ingredients, they’re listed on the web page and are the high quality fare I’ve come to expect from Petal Pusher Fancies.

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Brooklyn Grooming Commando Beard Oil

Having grown up in a pretty mellow part of New York I like to pretend that I grew up in Brooklyn.  I affect a bad accent and swagger around like a tough guy.  This usually ends with me curled into the fetal position crying, “not in the moustache, not in the moustache!”…ahhh good times.

I’m not sure how I found out about Brooklyn Grooming but here’s my story, an angel with flowing locks, a fantastic beard and dapper ‘tache came to me in a dream and told me to browse to, which I did.  Good story, huh?

Apothecaries are cool

Apothecaries are cool

Brooklyn Grooming is Mckenzie Santiago and Alfredo Ortiz.  McKenzie has a good deal of experience in grooming products.  You may recall her from a line she created called, “Pretty Monsters”.  I don’t think you’ll be able to find them on the web anymore which is a real shame because I enjoyed their “Bukowski” lip balm and not just because I like the beat stylings of Mr. Bukowski.  They’re located in, you guessed it, Brooklyn NY and all of their products are handmade  with organic ingredients.  It’s a high quality line of products.

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Petal Pusher Fancies Vegan Dandy Candy Moustache Wax

If you can believe it, this title is even longer than the Schmiere review I just did but, ya know what, it’s worth it.  Every word of it.

Petal Pushers Fancies Vegan Dandy Candy Moustache Wax, aka: Vegan Dandy Candy, is handmade in Massachusetts by Hodges & Frances.  Two world travellers who have taken the collected wisdom of the universe and distilled it into soaps and moustache waxes.

Shun the Nonbeliever

Shun the Nonbeliever

Vegan Dandy Candy comes in one of those rectangular tins where the top slides back.  It’s shrink wrapped so you can be sure the mailman hasn’t been waxing his ‘stache on your dime.  I love and hate these little slide tins.  I hate them because I like to keep my wax in my pocket for warming and I worry that it will slide open and get full of lint and cookie crumbs…yes, cookie crumbs.  Don’t judge me. Continue reading