No Grooming & Gaming at this weeks Beard & Moustache Comp

You’re just in time to witness my foray into micro posts.  By “micro” I mean less than the 400 words I usually drone on with and by “posts” I mean this stuff with which I continue clogging the interweb pipes…like a giant glazed digital donut.


Runny Nose is in the lead, followed closely by Stormy Weather and Emperor’s Clothes

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the amazing and magnificent “Orange County’s 1st Annual Moustache & Beard Competition“. Now I know my previous post on this competition built up a level of excitement normally reserved for Christmas and then hearing that I would be there built up a level of excitement normally reserved for dental surgery.  Well then you’ll either be pleased or disappointed that I have hit the trifecta of perfect timing.  I am sick, the weather is to crappy to drive in and I don’t have any attire to go with my face.

So those of you who will be in attendance please take plenty of pictures and, if you feel like it, you could share them with me and I could post them.  I promise not to add any too many silly captions.

…also if you have any ideas for attire I would love to hear them.

I leave you with my photo entry:

Roxanne!  You don't have to click this pic tonight

I must have the 48 Hrs flu