An Apothecary’s Garden in the shade

I spend a lot of time going on at length about different moustache and beard products.  I hope I’ve helped some people find some good products and maybe I’ve helped some small businesses find some more customers.  Today I want to give a shout out to another blog that I find to be a fount of wisdom.


How I envision Dan’s garden

Apothecary’s Garden is a great site that is written and run by Dan Riegler.  It first drew my attention, when it was hosted here on wordpress, with its post on creating your own moustache wax.  It was a very enlightening article on what goes into a good moustache wax, why it’s there and clearly written step by step instructions on how to get it to work for you.  Since then it has blossomed into its own domain hosting a lot more information on moustache waxes, home remedies, wine recipes and distilling essential oils among other things.

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