Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to my first pass at a FAQ.  I’ve tried to handle most of the things I’ve seen in the Google searches that hit my site but I don’t cover.  I hope it helps.  If you have corrections or suggestions for the FAQ please PLEASE email me at



Q)  This moustache wax is crazy hard!

A)  You need to warm up hard waxes.  I bought a blow dryer for this purpose.  I saw someone created a clever gadget that hold the wax over a heat source so you can primp, shave whatever while you warm it.  For touch ups throughout the day just keeping the tin in your pants pocket can keep it malleable.

Q)  You frequently mention “kneading” or “rolling the wax between your fingers”.  What do you mean?

A)  After you get some wax out of the tin and, probably, on your fingernail, you want to gather it all together into a ball.  Then take the ball and roll it between your fingers.  Smoosh it up, roll it some more, work that stuff.  You should notice it getting softer and easier to work with.  I keep rolling/kneading it when I’m not actually using both hands on my moustache.

Q)  I am applying the wax and it’s going in clumpy.

A)  This is normally because you didn’t warm it up (hard wax) and/or you’re kneading it (all waxes) and/or you’re trying to apply too much at one time.  Make sure you’re working the wax till it’s malleable and then take a small amount and spread/schmear it between your thumb and index finger till it’s thin.  Then try applying it.  It’ll take a few passes before you get enough wax for styling but it’ll be worth it without the clumps and a nice even distribution.  This can also be caused by unevenly melted wax during creation.  You can identify this by:

Q)  My moustache wax has lumps or grains in it.

A)  This is because the wax was poorly melted during creation.  If this is the only moustache wax you have you can usually smoosh them up or work them till their smooth.  You can also try picking them out.  What I do is throw them away and complain to the seller.  When I buy a product I don’t expect a “do it yourself” kit.

Q)  The wax is going through evenly but it’s leaving white dots in my moustache.

A)  I’ve noticed this mostly when my moustache isn’t dry.  You can see some of the same effect when you try to wash the moustache wax off your fingers.  You have a white residue left over.  Dry your moustache before application.

Q)  My wax isn’t keeping my moustache styled through the day.

A)  I carry a tin of moustache wax around in my pocket for touch ups.  Depending on your abuse/eating/sweating through out the day you’ll see different levels of falling apart.  If it’s hot and humid where you are then many waxes will just melt and lose their holding power when you go outside.  For that I recommend either getting a really hard wax that’s designed for use in hot areas, like Capt. Fawcett Expedition Strength Moustache Wax or a wax that’s not your standard petroleum jelly/shea butter and bees wax mixture, like Dubs Stache Cream or Bounder Extra-Firm Moustache Wax.

Q)  How the hell do I get moustache wax out of my moustache?

A)  Sweet almond oil.  Actually many oils will work just as well but sweet almond oil is fairly inexpensive, doesn’t have a strong smell and has done a great job for me.  While your moustache is still dry, either before you get in the shower or when you just get in, rub a bit into your moustache.  You won’t need alot but you can use it liberally if you wish, you’re just going to wash it out anyway.  I tend to work it through as I’m washing.  After I’ve given the oil some time to dissolve the wax I take a moustache comb and comb out the extra gunk.  It should this gooey, white mess and you can just rinse most of it off the comb.  Once the comb is taking out less goop then you can shampoo out the rest.  Do it again if you need but you probably won’t.  I think you’ll be really happy.  Do not use a  clarifying shampoo (what some people use to get waxes out of their head hair).  You will turn your facial hair into hay.


Q)  Should I use a beard shampoo?

A)  That’s open to some debate but you don’t want to use a harsh head shampoo (maybe one with a mild detergent?).  Your head hair builds up a lot more oil than than your facial hair and you scalp skin is fairly unique to your body.  So what should you use?  A reader commented that a facial cleanser is a good option.  I somewhat agree.  A mild facial cleanser can work well but don’t use a medicated facial shampoo (ie: acne).  The acid will dry you out.  A beard specific product is going to be a little hit or miss.  Read up on reviews before purchasing.  You don’t want to end up with head shampoo in a bottle labelled beard shampoo.  Good beard shampoos will be mild, usually offer some replacements oils for your beard.  Best I can tell you is try a facial cleanser and a good beard shampoo and see which one works for you but definitely wash your beard.

Q)  Should I use a beard conditioner?

A)  That depends on what you mean by conditioner.  An “in the shower conditioner”, beard oil or beard balm.

  • In the shower conditioners – I’m not a fan of these.  I’ve used a couple and, while I find they smell nice, I’m not sure I’ve seen any more benefit than I would from the shampoo alone.  I’d recommend one of the next two choices.
  • Beard oil – Beard oils will replace the oils you’ve stripped away with cleaning.  A little goes a long way so be conservative.
  • Beard balm – My personal favorite.  I find the butter carriers add a nice softening as well as keeping the oils on your beard for a long time.  Again, a little goes a long way so use these conservatively.

Q)  I bought a beard oil/beard balm and my beard is slimy

A)  Use less.  Really, oils and butters spread very well.  For beard balms I use a little and when my fingers are kind of dry I apply a little more.  Eventually you’ll get the feel for how much works for you.  For beard oils be super conservative.  It will always feel a little oily.  Just a couple of drops.

Q)  I used a beard oil/beard balm and my beard is still dry.

A)  Keep using it.  You’re beard hair is naturally very course.  It’ll take some time before you begin seeing any benefits.  Father and Sons Beard Co. says you should have a soft beard after 90 days.  My beard got softer after about 6 weeks.  If you’ve been conditioning regularly and your beard is still dry then you might need to try a different conditioner.  There are a lot out there and, unfortunately, some of them are more interested in a buck than in your beard.


Q)  OMG! I’m losing hairs!

A)  Welcome to having facial hair.  You’ll lose hairs, it’s natural.  Your follicles die, a new one grows and the new hair pushes out your old hair.  If you’re playing with your beard or applying wax they might come out before the new hair pushes them out.  What you should do is check the hairs that come out.  They should have a little bulby bit on the end that came from your skin.  That’s the old follicle or root.  That’s a good thing.  If you don’t see a root then the hair might be breaking.  In that case you should look into a conditioner and maybe a diet change to help give your hair more elasticity.  Try this, take a little bit of your beard/moustache in your hand give it a gentle tug.  See how they don’t all come out?  Take faith that your experiencing the same thing we all do.  However, if you’re losing hair in clumps, are experiencing bald patches, or if the tug test actually resulted in a fingerful of hair then you should go see your doctor.

Q)  How long does it take to grow a beard/moustache?

A)  By this I’m assuming you want more than the 5 o’clock shadow look.  Good for you!  It took me 3 months to get enough length to think I could slightly curl the ends.  After about 6 months I began to feel I needed to style it.  I’ve been growing mine for 2 years with occasional trimming and it’s probably longer than you want.  The same timeline goes for the beard.  These are my times though.  For some reason I have a pretty hairy face.  I do have friends that just can’t grow a beard or moustache.  There are a lot of genetics at work here.   The best advice I can give you is don’t shave for a month to 6 weeks and see what you’ve got and that’s the trick.  Don’t shave.

Q)  I’m done preening and this crap won’t wash off my hands.

A)  Correct.  Bring a paper towel or a rag into the bathroom with you to wipe it off while it’s still dry.  You should be able to wash off whatever is left.  If you use a rag remember that it will eventually get covered in wax, vaseline and other things.  I wish you luck washing it all out.

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  1. Millie Hue says:

    Thanks for pointing out that adding a little more is fine when your hands feel dry when applying it. I will share this with my boyfriend since I convinced him to grow his beard. It will be his first time that is why I am helping him out how he can take care of it when it grows.

  2. Nicholas Gurgiladze says:

    This is pure effeminacy and faggotry.

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