This site is designed to look at products I enjoy using and give a synopsis of my experience with them.  I don’t give review scores because I don’t think I can be objective.  I enjoy playing games and I enjoy growing facial and head hair.  All articles are written from the perspective of someone who is already enjoying what he’s doing.

From a grooming perspective I have graying normal to fine hair.  Not long enough for a pompadour but enough for a DA.  I have a handlebar mustache and a beard.  The World Beard and Moustache Championships identify my style as Musketeer.  Don’t look for a picture of me, I’m not there.

From a gaming perspective I play on iPads, portables, consoles and PC.  I prefer adventure, role-playing, action and turn-based strategy games.  You probably won’t see many sports, RTS, MMO or MOBA titles here.  I use gamepads for games that play better with gamepads and mouse/keyboard for games that play better with those.

Feel free to contact me @groomingandgaming on Twitter, groomingandgaming on Facebook and by electronic mail at groomingandgaming@gmail.com.  You could stand in the steet and yell also but it might take me longer to respond.


One comment on “About

  1. Dan Riegler says:

    Hi, I recently upgraded my site to self hosted WP, lost some of my favorite people along the way.
    haven’t been getting your posts so I will try to re-follow you. I thought you might enjoy my beard grooming/Labdanum post so I will include it here. See you around, and keep up the great reviews!

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