I’m back…again…maybe

Wow, this place is dark.  I’m gonna open a window.

Dave walks over to the only window in the room, blindly stumbling through some cobwebs and draws a curtain.  Storms of dust float through the beams of light.

Hey, look!  My old digital typewriter.  I remember this thing.   Oh, the stories we would tell.

A tear tumbles down his cheek

Absentminded key pressing turns to typing.  Clicking fills up the empty space of the room.  A nearby chair is pulled free from its spider web bonds.  A newly homeless spider shakes his fist menacingly.

Ok, that’s enough of that.  Yes, it’s me.  Not that guy you’ve been seeing on the street wearing an aluminum foil hat pretending to be me.  Not the guy you saw in the alley selling “slightly used spleens”.   Those guys are amateurs.


If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past 7 months you’re about to learn.  If you don’t care where I’ve been then you’re about to learn.

Aliens.  They abducted me.  and made me their king.  also they shaved my face.  But now I’m out of rehab and can get back to face rolling my keyboard.

It is true, however, that I was clean shaven for a good portion of that time.  Life happens, interesting times, rote adages.  Things are growing back and I’ll be wild and wooly again soon.  In fact I’ll be placing an order of face goodies before the end of the week!  If you have a good product or now one I should try let me know.  Seriously, you would think I only grow this stuff so I have toys to play with…and you’d be right.

I make you no promises this time.  Perhaps I will write tomorrow, perhaps the aliens will return.  Just stay groovy and let’s see what comes our way.


One comment on “I’m back…again…maybe

  1. hirsuteforhappiness says:

    Hey Dave, I am filled with joy that you are back, bravo sir, let the fun begin

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