I’m back, baby!


You read that right. After an ex[t|p]ensive time away, a time I am legally restrained from talking about, (we can talk more about it after the spy drones leave this quadrant), I have returned to be a subversive, snarky and all-together wonderful influence on your life. Like Mary Poppins with a moustache and a really bad caffeine addiction. Also sugary cereals.

I know both of my readers come here to check out some moustache waxes and wonder just what in the hell I’m talking about. I’d like to focus a little bit more on gaming and other non-hair indulgences in the coming months. I mean why not give the other half of the blog’s title some love while also bringing in another two readers to confuse.

I have a few face products to do write ups on (only a few months behind schedule) and quite a selection of other things to throw in here to see what sticks.


2 comments on “I’m back, baby!

  1. Dan Riegler says:

    Welcome back Dave!!

  2. hirsuteforhappiness says:

    Hoorah, great to see you back! Looking forward to reading your own brand of special nonsense very soon

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