Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax

I normally try to do a little shtick here in the beginning of a post but I wanted to cut right to the chase.

Witness Awesome

Witness Awesome

Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax is, unequivocally, the best moustache wax that I’ve used.  I have a couple of waxes in my moustache drawer that are permanent residents and Mr King’s is the one I grab the most.

I could easily end the post there and be satisfied that I got the message out but I’m guessing you’ll want to know why I like it so much.  So I’ll go through my usual moustache wax review thing.

King’s (which is what we’ll call it for the sake of brevity) comes in a .5 oz tin with the logo stickered on top.  The wax is yellow.  Maybe a little brighter than some of the waxes I’ve used.  Since my moustache is more of a salt & pepper color I’m not a good reference if it will color your blonde or snow white hair.  Perhaps someone with fairer hair than mine can chime in on this.  It is also 100% natural.  I used to have the ingredient list but I lost it somewhere.  Let’s face it all you really care about is it’s petroleum free and beeswax.

The smell is a refreshing lemony scent.  It’s not strong but it will last for a while.  I don’t like scents that are very noticeable for any length of time but I only noticed the scent when I did any twirling or other stache fidgeting.  It makes me happy, I think it will make you happy.

It shouldn’t take more than the back of your fingernail to get it out of the tin.  I keep a tin in my pocket and it will get softer when warmed but you really shouldn’t need to do that.  The consistency is pretty soft.  Soft enough that you’ll think it’s not going to hold.  It goes on very easy as you’d expect from a soft wax.  There were no lumps when rubbing it between my fingers and it applies evenly.

The hold is amazing.  I have a lengthy stache, as I have repeatedly mentioned in a vain attempt to appear cool (is that what the whippersnappers say these days?).  A lengthy stache that is very naughty. It misbehaves at every turn.  It comes apart, droops, it inches its way into my mouth when I’m trying to eat and it occasionally goes out after I’m asleep and recites beat poetry in smokey cafes.   Oh where did I go wrong… (*sigh*).  Anyway, it keeps the hair out of my mouth when I’m eating and will keep my ridiculous curls looking their most ridiculous all day.  Seriously, all freaking day.  I does succumb to having coffee with your breakfast and getting ice cream all over it and dunking it in your beer (yup, that’s breakfast) but that’s pretty much expected.  That it will hold the part under my nose for any length of time is enough to make me happy.

I mentioned earlier that I have some waxes that I consider regulars.  How does King’s differ from the ones I already have?  The softness in applying it.  I have some waxes with fantastic hold (maybe better than King’s?  could be) but none of them apply as easily as King’s.

Now for the negative.  It’s on the expensive at 6 pounds (10 USD) per .5 ounce.  It’s also an import from England so you’re going to pay about 3.50 pounds (5.80 USD) for a grand total of 15.80 for .5 ounces.  That’s from his website.  There only other alternative I found was and then you’d need to hit the magic 35 dollar mark for free shipping to make it worthwhile.  Personally I prefer to buy from the source but if you don’t I won’t think any less of you.  I know I complained about pricing in a previous post so what we’ve learned here is that I’m unreliable and can’t write.

If you didn’t click the link above, here’s where you get it.  Make sure to check out the awesome t-shirts and baseball cap!  I would be remiss if I didn’t give you a link to his instagram as well so here it is.

That’s it.  Recommended.  A+

Photos taken from Mr King’s web page(s)


2 comments on “Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax

  1. hirsuteforhappiness says:

    I have to agree with you there Dave, I love this wax and it is possible the best in terms of use. It’s very versatile as you say, strong English style and also a natural style too. Though the scent is not my favourite it is still very pleasant.

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