Abraham’s Beard Shampoo


Make sure you look for the ‘Beard Shampoo’. Just washing your beard with Abraham won’t end well.

I will now open your hearts and mind with a poem.

leaky coffee lid
winter’s breath chills my cheeks
my beard needs a bath

If this poem has moved you then you understand one of the myriad of challenges faced by the blessed beard bearers.  Oh, the sticky beard, what do?  If I comb you, I pull out hairs but if I do nothing you are stinky.  Alas, the clogged pores!  What are we to do?

Abraham’s Beard Shampoo is what!…umm, you do.  That sort of felt unfinished.  Grammar, are hard;

For some reason my article on beard shampoos was popular.  Which just goes to show that one monkey banging on a typewriter will eventually produce a moderately popular blog post.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try Abraham’s Beard Shampoo (henceforth referred to as ABS).  ABS is advertised as an ‘All Natural Beard Wash’.  The full ingredients list isn’t disclosed so I really have no way of knowing if that’s true or not.  The web page tells us that they have included jojoba oil and salicylic acid to the mix.  Don’t bother looking it up, salicylic acid is plant based and, thus, natural.  Salicylic acid is used to fight acne and also dandruff.  The interwebs tells me that jojoba oils is ‘a good thing’ and also I like saying jojoba so I’m glad it’s in there.

The instructions say to use plenty of water, which I tend to do when I’m washing, so I didn’t give it much thought.  Here’s my advice, use plenty of water.  This isn’t a product that’s going to lather up with a little water.  If you want to get this stuff through your beard and to the skin below (you are making sure to wash the skin, yes?) you will need to use more water than usual.  I also found that I didn’t need as much of ABS to get good penetration and coverage.

With my first couple of uses I noticed that my beard wasn’t as soft as with other beard shampoos.  This concerned me a little as I made the common mistake of equating not soft with dry.  Two different things.  So while it wasn’t softening my beard it was getting it clean.  After a few uses I definitely noticed my beard getting softer but in a different way than the other shampoos.  It wasn’t SOFT soft.  It was ‘your skin is healthy’ soft.

It seemed to me like it did a better job of getting more of the wax out of my moustache as well.  I didn’t have enough of the shampoo to pursue this very far.  If you’ve used ABS on your stache let me know how it worked on the wax.


Me before Abraham’s Beard Shampoo

I don’t recall there being any scent to it.  It certainly has no scent added so any scent is just the ingredients.  Nothing that will linger in your beard.  If you care about the color it’s translucent with a yellow tinge.


Me after Abraham’s Beard Shampoo

I really liked Abraham’s Beard Shampoo.  It’s the first all-natural beard shampoo I’ve tried and, since I have a predilection to natural products I liked it that much more.

One thing I wanted to address is the thought that a face cleanser makes a good beard shampoo.  I have found this to be true.  When I was on a trip I had some facial cleanser.  I knew I didn’t want to use the shampoo they had so I used the facial cleanser on my beard.  It worked very well.  ABS advertises itself as a facial cleanser as well and I think it’s a great way to market itself.  I did use ABS to wash my face, just this all over crazy scrubbing into my mug and I was happy with the results.  I don’t have problem skin so I’m an easy sell here, ymmv.

If you’re interested in trying ABS out for yourself I recommend going directly to their store for it.  At the moment, and I have no idea how long this will last, you can get 8oz for 14.99.  I think it’s worth it.  If you end up getting some let me know what you think in the comments.  It’s also available on etsy.

They also carry moustache wax, beard oil and a beard conditioner/wax.  I haven’t tried these, let me know if you have.


2 comments on “Abraham’s Beard Shampoo

  1. hirsuteforhappiness says:

    Nice little write up sir. I’ve a couple of beard specific soaps/washes and they are definitely better for my moustache. I may delve into the Abs range and see how this measure up. Keep the posts coming sir

  2. AnnaBella says:

    Nice Information, thanks for sharing. Hope we will read many other good things from you in future also.

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