Orange County’s 1st Annual Moustache & Beard Competition

You read that right.  Dubs Stache Wax and West Elm South Coast Plaza are presenting a moustache & beard competition.  I’ve told you before that Dubs ‘Stache Cream (Firm) is one of the styling products I recommend.  Dubs, himself, is a competitive moustacheketeer (it’s my blog, I can make up words) and here’s a youtube of him cutting off enough of his moustache to make me cringe:

Located in beautiful and homogeneous Orange County, CA  this 1st annual competition is possibly your one chance to achieve your 15 minutes of fame.  Though I did read an article somewhere that explains how, with inflation, overpopulation and something to do with dark matter, we all actually owe the universe some fame.  So if you want an opportunity to pay the universe back some of the fame you owe it, lest it break your kneecaps, this is your opportunity.  (If you don’t win I can direct you to my cousin in Brooklyn who offers fame loans at very affordable rates).

Before I wander off into another caffeine-fueled tangent let me get the link out to you:

When are it:

Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PST)

Where am it:

West Elm
South Coast Plaza
3333 Bear Street
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

In what categories shall I be able to participate in:


    • Natural (no product)
    • Styled (product)
    • Freestyle


    • Natural (no product)
    • Styled (product)
    • Freestyle


    • Best of (no product)

So get your face down to Orange County and say Hi to me and say Hi to Dubs, not necessarily in that order.  In fact, just say Hi to Dubs.  Talking to me will only leave your brain sore.

In case I didn’t post it, here’s the link:


6 comments on “Orange County’s 1st Annual Moustache & Beard Competition

  1. I shall see you there!

    • Looking forward to it. This should be a blast.
      How about it, Stu. I know you’re reading this. You going to show?

      • Sadly Dave this is not true…it was a rues to see if you were in fact alive, seeing that I have not heard from you in months. I thought you had automated your site and skipped town! How the hell are you?

      • I’m disappointed to hear that. You had me excited.
        No, I’m not a robot yet. I’ve been looking into it though.

        I took a bit of a holiday and needed to find a vendor that sold big enough butterfly nets to catch my muse. It had flittered off into the woods again.

        Do thinking about coming to OC for the contest. I’ll buy you a beer.

        Folks, if you don’t know about Crumb Catcher I recommend you check out his excellent web site
        It has actual content and it’s own line of grooming products.

  2. ha ha, thanks Dave….so glad you are not a robot! “danger, danger Will Robinson.”

  3. […] “Orange County’s 1st Annual Moustache & Beard Competition“. Now I know my previous post on this competition built up a level of excitement normally reserved for Christmas and then […]

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