Recommended Moustache Waxes – October ’14 Edition

Greetings my furry followers!  Long time no see.  I’ve taken a long hiatus but thanks to the all the fan mail (none) and carefully crafted tales of how my blog has improved your lives (none) I’ve decided to make my triumphant return to entertain (torture) you.

Recently, on the twitters, @edypiro asked me what my top 3 moustache waxes are.  Before I do this you need to know that my moustache has gotten pretty long and has always been hard to control.  Most of the traditional waxes I’ve used don’t hold it very well any longer but that’s not to say they aren’t great for people with less schnauzer-esque faces.

Apparently I look like this

Apparently I look like this

So without further ado:

  • My top 3 moderate hold waxes:
    • Captain Fawcett’s Lavender Moustache Wax:  I’ve done a review of this on the site.  It’s a great wax with a fun presentation.  I still enjoy the little glass jar it comes in.  It’s got a nice scent and it’s malleable enough to not require much warming up if you’re in a rush.  The only drawback is that you’re not likely to carry this in your trousers for a touch up.
    • Fisticuffs Lavender Scent Mustache Wax:  I’ve done a review of the original version which I liked but wished they offered a lavender.  Lo and behold a lavender has been made and I’m very happy.  It’s probably the softest of the waxes I recommend but that makes it an ideal choice for getting the hang of waxing your stache.  It also comes in a full sized sliding tin and smaller sliding tin designed for your pocket and mid-day touchups.
    • Mr Bear – Original and Special Edition:  I also did a review of the original blend of Mr Bears Moustache Wax.  The special edition is a lavender/pine scent which is very nice.  This one of the firmer waxes on this list and if my facial fur were softer this would be in the firm category.  You’ll want to warm this one up.  The tin is nice and flat so you can keep it with you through the day.
  • My top 3 firm hold waxes:
    • Dubs Stache Cream:  Another wax that I’ve reviewed, this stuff is great.  It feels like a firm putty when applying and once you’ve got in your stache you can sculpt it to do just about anything.  You probably won’t need to warm this up as it’s not very hard in the tin.  It has a nice lavender scent (are you seeing a trend?).  Don’t confuse this with Dubs Stache Wax which is a lighter hold.  It comes in a flat tin that you could keep with you through the day but you probably won’t need to.
    • Bounder Extra-Firm Moustache Wax:  I have not done a review on this but believe me that it’s the real deal.  It’s similar to Dubs in that it’s putty like.  It’s made with rum so it has a very rich smell.  When I first started using this I found the scent a little powerful but now I hardly notice it.  1 order is 3 tiny flat tins which is great if you want one for home, one for the trousers and one for, I don’t know, attaching a chain to and pretending it’s a monocle?  Good stuff.
    • Dr Dittmar Pour Moustache Wax:  No review for this one either.  This firm wax comes in a plastic cylinder with a push up at the bottom.  It comes out as a sort of grainy cream.  You won’t be able to knead it because it’s a cream but try and smooth it out some before applying.  This stuff dries like cement.  The scent is mild and unassuming.  You won’t notice it at all I suspect. Because of the size of the container you won’t be carrying this in your pocket.  It’s also expensive for .5 oz.

I didn’t add a list for light hold moustache waxes.  In my opinion they don’t offer much except for sheen and maybe conditioning.  If you don’t need hold just get a dedicated conditioner.

If you’re new to waxing your moustache I recommend starting with one of the softer medium holds.  As you get more experience you can try the less soft ones for more styling options.  I only recommend the firm waxes once you have an idea on how to wax your moustache otherwise they might frustrate you.  If you do have a wax that you find frustrating don’t throw it away.  Put it in the back of your drawer (or wherever you keep your wax) and save it for later.  Getting more experience with an ‘easier’ wax might be what you need to make that wax work for you.

Thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus and keep on rockin’ that facial fur!


12 comments on “Recommended Moustache Waxes – October ’14 Edition

  1. Caleb J. says:

    I love this blog and am considering the Fisticuffs wax, but with a light colored moustache I have had problems in the past with waxes discoloring my ‘stache. So I’m a little hesitant with it being so yellow.

    • Hi Caleb and thanks for the kind words about the blog. I’m glad you enjoy it.

      For better or worse my facial fur is mostly made up of grey and dark hairs so the coloring of waxes usually doesn’t make much difference.

      It’s a good question though and I’ll try and look into this. Maybe I’ll buy some fake blonde moustaches and see what happens when I put the waxes in them.

      When you say light-colored. Are we talking snow white or surfer blonde?

    • hirsuteforhappiness says:

      hey Caleb, I am as blonde as they come and know what you mean. The firehouse Wacky Tacky gets the thumbs up from many but its way too dark for me to ever try. I’ve not tried Fisticuffs yet but depending on your needs the other two waxes above would be totally fine in my opinion

      • mrgoodtrips64 says:

        Thanks for the input. I just purchased a tin of Henna tinted light brown Dandy Candy from Petal Pushers Fancy and it does the job excellently.

      • hirsuteforhappiness says:

        glad to hear that they make wonderful products the wicked cookie duster wax remover that is reviewed on this site (and mine) is a worthy addition to your product stash

      • This has been a great thread. I’m glad you guys were able to find something effective.
        Petal Pusher Fancies makes some great products. I like their shaving soap as well.
        I’ve never tried any of the henna products because I’m concerned they might dye my moustache.
        The regular moustache wax is still their best IMHO. I’d love to see them make a lavender one…but that probably goes without saying. 🙂

  2. Caleb J. says:

    I haven’t had a problem with the henna dying my ‘stache, I actually chose it because some so-called colorless waxes are actually somewhat white and lighten my moustache. I am thinking of trying the colorless Villain Wax when I need to buy my next tin though.

  3. Paul.W says:

    The new Known Felon all natural mustache wax is awesome! They also have a boat load of scents to choose from. Which is great and is also a break from the norm. Anybody can make a moustache wax and some t-shirts but Known Felon mustache wax is made for a purpose. I’ve bought 8 of the 20 something scents and the hold is of a medium to strong weight. It’s kind of hard but malleable. I highly recommend trying some!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Paul. I looked at the big cartel site and I like the ingredients lists. I’m an unscented man myself so a wide variety of scents isn’t too much of a pull but I’m looking forward to getting a chance to give their beard oil and mustache wax a try.

  4. Paul Panetta says:

    what about Firehouse Wacky Tacky for firm hold. New to waxing and looking for one to replace the wacky tacky with good hold but different.

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