Captain Fawcett’s ‘Private Stock’ Beard Oil

Greetings loyal readers!  Summer is definitely in full gear and, if you’re anything like me, your moustache is drooping and your hair goop is dripping into your eyes.  With that in mind it’s time we take a look at something less melty.  It’s time to look at “Captain Fawcett’s ‘Private Stock’ Beard Oil”.  Holy cow!  If this from the Captain’s private stock this should be some good stuff.

imageCaptain Fawcett is a mysterious fellow.  In terms of background the best I can do is point you to his webpage and his charmingly eccentric twitter feed.  What I can tell you is that the Captain has given us an excellent moustache wax in 3 varieties.  We’ve already looked at those and they got high marks so the expectations on his beard oil are pretty high.

Captain Fawcett’s ‘Private Stock’ Beard Oil has a wonderful presentation.  The box it comes in is very well done.  It’s slim with the Captain’s logo on it and some purple tape thing that goes around one of the sides…ya know I’m kind of butchering this description so I’ll post a picture.  There we go.  Inside is a beautiful 50ml (1.6oz) clear glass bottle filled with a golden liquid.  The logo is a clear sticker applied to the front.  It’s applied well so it appears to be printed on the glass.  The lid is actually a dropper with a rubber squeeze bulb.  The dropper itself appears to be glass also.  It’s hard to tell and didn’t want to whack it on anything to see if it shatters.  If one of you would like to buy my a bottle for that purpose contact me.  If you’re up for that I’d also be willing to see if it will blend.  Taken as a whole the presentation is exceptional and this will add class to any grooming station (fancy talk for your bathroom sink).  I found that the vacuum the dropper produced to be fairly weak.  It was unable to get fill up the dropper but it’s more than adequate to get the 3 or so drops of oil you’ll need.  The ingredients, printed on the box, are: Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Atlas Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Palmarosa, Geraniol*, Limonene* and Linalool*.  A * denoting that those are naturally occurring in essential oils.

This will take more than 3 drops especially if you oil the stotes.

This will take more than 3 drops especially if you oil the stotes.

The smell is masculine, complex and pleasant.  It’s decidedly different than most of the beard oils available.  The base of the scent is patchouli.  I’m normally not a fan of patchouli, more from the over use of it than any dislike for the actual scent but in this case it’s balanced with very well with the other scents.  The cedarwood being the next most obvious scent and the black pepper rounding things out but not spicing things up as you might imagine.  I don’t know what palmarosa is supposed to smell like.  I’m not a licensed smellologist so take this with a grain of salt.  It’s a sort of woodsy, slightly musky masculine scent.

When we get to the oil we ask ourselves, “Why am I putting oil in my beard?”  If your answer is, “because I have stink beard” then you need a shower and some shampoo.  Your answer should have been, “because I want to condition my beard and the skin underneath, reign in some of those frizzy hairs all while adding luster”.  Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil does all of those thing.  Using “a couple of drops”, as the directions state, you should have enough to work into your beard.  Those of you with giant “Hagrid” beards will probably need a little more and those of you with tiny little soul patches will need less.  If you haven’t been conditioning your beard regularly you’ll probably notice a difference the first time you use it.  I condition pretty frequently and I still noticed a difference in softness after a day or two of use.  I also found that the oil seemed to help keep the frizzy hairs at bay.  Maybe it’s the weight of the oil or hydration of the hairs?  How do I know?  Along with not being a smellologist I’m also not a hairologist, in fact I rarely get the gist at all.  As for luster you should know that I have more than my fair share of grey in my beard so this might not be the case for you show offs with all dark hair but I got a significant amount of shine in my beard.  Very cool.  It was like having my own pimped out bling beard…ok, maybe not that drastic but it did look healthy.  Maybe if I added some neon lit spinning hubcaps…

imageCaptain Fawcett comes through again for we, the gentlemen hairy.  Private Stock Beard Oil is an excellent product and it has a scent I actually enjoy wearing.  I’m a believer in beard oils and I hope you are also.  If you haven’t tried one yet then I think Captain Fawcett’s Private Stock Beard Oil is an ideal choice.  There isn’t a purchasing option on his webpage but you can get it by emailing .  It’s also available from Carter and Bond.


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