How to Grow a Moustache ‘Tache Wax

Today I’ve got a new moustache wax to tell you all about and it’s particularly fun for me because it’s handcrafted by a top-notch gentleman, Douglas Smythe.  If you don’t know Mr. Smythe he is the brains behind the excellent blog,  A great blog that covers facial hair, wet shaving, interviews, product reviews, fun articles and how-tos.  All the stuff you need to know to look your finest.  I would recommend bookmarking it.  Ok, is it there on your bar now?  Good.  On with the show.

HTGAM-tinDouglas decided to branch out into grooming products.  He’s presenting to us a trio of products on his etsy page:

Before I get on with the review I want everyone who isn’t a part of the “How to Grow a Moustache” operation to pay close attention.  Follow those links.  Do you see what appears after the product names?  A complete list of ingredients.  No matter what I tell you in this review I want you to take away that Douglas and his team respect you, the consumer, enough to disclose exactly what you’re putting on your face.  I’ve seen a lot of products on and off of etsy that don’t list their ingredients because they think if they expose their ingredients someone will copy them, then they have the gall to suggest you put that stuff on your face.  The secret to an excellent product isn’t the ingredient list, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the skill required to put them together effectively.  All manufacturers need to be doing this and you should speak with your dollar bill, yo.

Enough of my diatribe, let’s get down to the very serious task of waxing my moustache.

How to Grow a Moustache Organic ‘Tache Wax, henceforth known as HTGAM ‘Tache Wax is labelled as a medium strong moustache wax and comes in a 1 oz round screw top tin with paper labels on top and bottom.  The top has the company and product names and the back has the ingredients list (yay!).  It’s wide and thin and fits comfortable in your pocket.  The ingredients list is: Beeswax, Mango Butter, Jojoba Wax, Argan Oil, Hemp Oil, Neem Oil, Bay Rum.  No petroleum products in there.

Do albino bumblebees make white beeswax?

Do albino bumblebees make white beeswax?

Give the top a spin and what do I see?  Some white beeswax staring back at me.  Yea, this is a different color than most of the moustache waxes you’re likely to have used.  HTGAM uses white beeswax in their product.  I don’t know much about beeswax but I do know that white beeswax is supposed to have less beeswax smell and less impurities.  Beeswax is originally white and it’s pollen and regional contaminants that gives it it’s color.  Normally it’s whitened using bleach but the description of HTGAM moustache wax says  it’s whitened using a natural process.  I’m going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb and suggest this is a non-bleach process.

The wax is scented with bay rum.  It’s fairly gentle and not overwhelming.  It’s also a hard wax.  If you use the back of your nail you’ll be able to shave off enough after a few passes to get started.  Those of you without a strong nail or just like a softer wax to work with will benefit from using a hair dryer.  It kneads between your fingers nicely.  It’s nice and smooth and not grainy at all.  It keeps its shape well.  It behaves like a strong hold.

It goes into your moustache like medium strong wax.  It would rather stick to your moustache than your finger unlike some of the strong hold waxes. Expect some resistance though, the hold is enough to give it some pull when you’re applying it.   I’d say this is a good wax for graduating off of softer hold waxes.

As I expected it held my moustache nicely so I twisted up my curly ends and struck off for the great outdoors.  The wax had set and was dry so don’t be thinking of fixing it without adding a little more.  The scent wasn’t strong, in fact I don’t recall smelling it after I applied it.  Towards the end of the day I noticed things loosened up a little.  The ends stayed good but I was loosing a few of the more difficult hairs along the length.  It didn’t loosen enough to loose its shape but enough to loose its very groomed appearance.  In the end it just looked like I had styled it to be a natural look instead of a more finished look.  I’m going to guess that some of this has to be attributed to the heat.  It’s been a very hot summer out here and that’s not going to be good for any styling products.

other htgam tinWhen I washed it out for the day I found that the conditioners in the product left my moustache feeling healthy.  It gave a light, almost bouncy feel to it.  I really liked this.  Most conditioning moustache waxes give up something in the hold department to allow for all the oils or butters that are introduced but I think How to Grow a Moustache found a good balance for conditioning and hold.  The hold is a good medium hold and the conditioning is one of the better ones available in moustache waxes.

“How to Grow a Moustache Organic Moustache Wax” is Douglas and companies first foray into grooming products and I think it’s an excellent start.  It’s petroleum free, shows a fine eye for quality ingredients and a clear respect for the customer.  The smell is good but knows to stay subtle when I’m done primping.  The hold is a good medium and the conditioning is top notch.  I’m really looking forward to giving you guys a review on their very intriguing Bay Rum Aftershave Butter.

In case the other links weren’t enough you can go to the How To Grow A Moustache etsy page to grab some ‘Tache Wax.


3 comments on “How to Grow a Moustache ‘Tache Wax

  1. Your best review so far, I laughed, I cried, I fell down a flight of stairs. Thanks Dave, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the butter.

    • Beamer says:

      Doug, Is Tache Wax no longer a thing? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It’s by far my favorite product out there and I’ve tried a bunch. Let me know if there’s any way I can get my hands on some. (I also have a grip of oils, buters, and waxes at the house here, we make amazing soap. So if there’s a way to get some pointers as to percentages to create something similar, I’d just love that!) Anyways Cheers! And best of luck!

  2. Hi Beamer, I’m not Doug so I can’t comment on what fate befell the product line but I did a little searching and found some sellers who still have it. Maybe you could buy up the rest of their stock.

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