Imperial Dax Wave and Groom

Once upon a time there were three bears: the mama bear, the papa bear and the baby bear and their porridge was too…(ring, ring).  Hang on, I need to take this.  Hey man, make it quick.  I’m telling a story.  Yea I know I’m supposed to do the Dax review but I’m kind of in the middle of this.  Yea, but…Fine!

Once upon a time there were three hair dresses.  The strong hold hair dress, the medium hold hair dress and the light hold hair dress and they were all made by Imperial Dax.  Let me get on track before I carry the analogy too far.  I received a whole bunch of samples from Imperial Dax (henceforth referred to as Dax).  The centerpiece being a trio of pomades: Wave and Groom (the papa bear), Neat Waves (the mama bear) and Short and Neat (the baby bear).

Wave and GroomI wanted to do all three products in a single review because they all have similarities.  On Dax’s online store they even sell the product in a trio of 3.5 oz tins.  If this isn’t indicative of a family relationship then I don’t know what is but when I hit the 1500 word mark I knew that wasn’t going to work.

Wave and Groom, or the red tin, is their strong hold hair dress and it comes in, yes, a red tin or, in my case, a red sample pack.  All the products I received came these little sample packets so I can’t tell you how it scooped out of the tin but I can tell you how they felt in the packet.  Wave and Groom was pretty firm but malleable in the pack.  I smooshed it around a little to try and break it down a little before cutting the top open.  Don’t smoosh the tin though, that could be painful and messy.  Hulk need pomade!  splut!…Yea, don’t do that.

If you’re familiar with lanolin then you have a good idea for the color of the product.  The scent was the Dax pomade smell.  I find it a little hard to describe.  My mind went to a sort of fresh talc scent, others told me it reminded them of a barbershop.  Either way I’d call it fairly gender neutral but leaning towards a masculine feel.  It won’t step on your cologne or aftershave.

I was listening to The Girl from Ipanema when I wrote this. Blame Stan Getz.

I was listening to The Girl from Ipanema when I wrote this. Blame Stan Getz.

Coming out of the packet it was very viscous.  I had to scrape a little back off into the packet (haha, good luck) because it’s so sticky I got a little too much.  There’s no wax in here so it’s going to feel softer than other heavy pomades like High Life Heavy.  Warming it up between my hands loosened it up but not significantly.  You will need to work it between your palms or you’ll end up with clumps.  You’ll know it’s ready to apply to your hair when it gets clearer and evenly spread on your palms.  Even with it completely warmed up and broken down it was still stiff getting it through my hair.  It took a little bit of combing through to get an even distribution but combing was tough but easier than applying it so no worries there.  Don’t tussle it through your hair or you’ll get knots that will just be a real hassle to comb out.  Comb your hair to straighten it all, apply your pomade and comb it through, maybe apply some more, repeat.  It’s not worth loosing hair when you can just do it in smaller steps.  I also recommend leaving your hair slightly damp to help with application.  There’s no wax here so you don’t need to worry about flaking.

Once I got it into my hair it had a light to medium shine that I liked.  My part stayed sharp and everything held all day.  I’m not wearing a high pomp like some of you but it should have no trouble holding what you throw at it.

The three pomade bears

The three pomade bears

This is a grease so I don’t want to spend too much time talking about washing it out.  It’s meant to stay in your hair.  If you need to wash it out go with olive, groom and clean or a de-greasing shampoo.  I usually put groom and clean in and let it sit for an hour or two.

Imperial Dax is, at least in my mind, the definitive company for petroleum pomades.  They have a huge selection of high quality products and you’d be hard pressed to walk away without finding something you’ll like.  Wave and Groom is a staple of pomades.  If you use petroleum based hair products and like a strong hold Wave and Groom belongs on your shelf.

You can get Wave and Groom at their online store…but let’s be honest, Dax is a staple of hair care, you can probably find a tin at your local Rite Aid or Walgreens if you were so inclined.

Summary: Tough to work through your hair, great hold, good shine.  The smell is light and neutral.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Fragrance

Stay tuned for Neat Waves review.


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