Mr Bear Moustache Wax

Last month I had the good fortune to be contacted by Mr Bear of Mr Bear Mustaschvax.  He asked if I’d be interested in reviewing his moustache wax and beard oil.  Never one to say no to free goodies I took him up on his generous offer.  Coming from Sweden, the package took some time to get to me but when it did it contained more than just moustache wax and beard oil, it had the Swedish newspaper comics!  I tore into my tin of wax, styled my moustache, grabbed the funnies and headed to the cafe to Google Translate some laughs.

mrbearMr Bear is located in Sweden and is a one man show.  He hand makes the moustache wax using all natural ingredients and no “yaky” stuff so it’s petroleum free.  The ingredients are very easy to wrap your head around: Beeswax, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Lemon Oil.  That’s it.  Very cool.  The lanolin and shea butter will offer you some conditioning as well.

Mr Bear wax comes in a .5 oz tin screw top tin.  The front label is very crisp.  It hosts an orange to white fade with a crazy cute little bear sporting a tremendous handlebar moustache.  The company name across the top and the logo “Hurry Up To Furry Up” printed across the bottom.  On the back is a sticker with the list of ingredients.  On the inside there was an odd little piece of tin covering the wax.  I’d never seen that before and I’m not entirely sure what the purpose was.  Maybe it acts as a gasket between the lid and the wax?  Whatever the purpose I think it gives it a classy feel.

polar bear

It went into my moustache nice and evenly but retained its firmness.  I got my part to sweep out nicely and the curls held fast.  It smelled good going on but the smell faded quickly.  I liked this about it.  Between beard oil, shaving cream, aftershave and pomade there are enough things vying for my nose time that it’s good to have one that’s willing to sit back and relax.

It was a pretty warm day but the moustache wax really didn’t seem to loosen up at all.  While I was indoors or with the cars AC it was pretty firm.  Malleable enough to make some slight adjustments if you needed to, maybe if you, and this is just an example, dislodged one of your curls while answering the phone.  Out in the sun things got a little tacky but the curls weren’t coming loose.  The sweat on my upper lip did more damage than the heat but that’s par for any wax + sweat.

mrbear-openI really like Mr Bear Moustache Wax.  When I’m done with this tin I’ll  be buying another and that’s coming from a guy with a drawer full of moustache waxes.  It’s definitely one of the better products I’ve tried.  I highly recommend Mr Bear Moustache Wax.  It’s firm, has a mild scent, offered some conditioning and is petroleum free.

You can get Mr. Bear Moustache Wax at his home page and on his etsy page.


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