Woody’s Pomade

Hey kids!  I took a little vacation but I’m back.  Thanks for waiting for me.  When I left I thought it would be fun to go au naturale.  I didn’t bring any pomades or my shaving kit.  I did bring some moustache wax because that’s harder to scrounge for should my will break.

Glorious Green Goop

Glorious Green Goop

My will broke about 1 day in and I went hunting for a pomade.  I was surrounded by “beauty” stores, how hard could it be?  Let’s see, American Crew, got2b, American Crew, Axe, American Crew…Ok, maybe this would be harder than I thought.  Finally I came around to a counter that had Jack Black stuff, which are good products but no pomades, and Woody’s.  Woody’s looks like your typical ‘too cool for school’ men’s grooming supplies but what the hell, I never tried it before and I live for adventure!..and coffee.

Before I go further you should know that the product I’m reviewing may no longer be available.  The last paragraph has everything I know about the situation.

What I ended up getting was a greenish gel that was simply titled, “Pomade”.   I checked out the ingredients and it was water, petrolatum, some other words, wait..what?  Petroleum, as in grease?  Cool beans, let’s give it a shot.  It came in a 3.4 ounce clear plastic container with company and product name on front, ingredients and instructions on back.  Tin screw on lid, black on top with names again.  Whatever, you don’t care.  I couldn’t bring myself to feel one way or the other about the scent.  It was a typical “fresh and clean” scent.  It wasn’t great (High Life may hold the crown for scent most likely to make me eat my own head) but at least it wasn’t some crazy over the top scent.  I could live with this.  Once it’s in your hair you won’t notice it anyway so this isn’t much of an issue.

You got your petroleum in my water-based pomade!

You got your petroleum in my water-based pomade!

It came out of the conatiner like most water-based pomades.  It was pretty thick and built its little mountain on my finger.  Rubbing your hands together to warm it up is a good idea but it didn’t get much softer.  It seemed a little firmer than Layrite Original but not as firm as Layrite Super Hold.  It also went into the hair a little firm, again, like a halfway point between Layrite OG and Layrite SH.  Combing was a little tough initially but as everything falls into place it become much easier.

The first thing I noticed was a very nice shine.  It was very reminiscent of a grease shine and I think this is one place where the petroleum really made the product stand out.  It was definitely one of the better shines I’ve gotten out of a water-based product.  It had good hold, not great.  You’re not going to sport a waterfall with this.  I found I was able to get some nice dimension to the front of my hair and some lift to keep it looking full.

I went out for the day and got my coffee, a pastry, some more coffee…time to check out how hard this stuff had gotten.  Surprise!  Not at all.  Seriously, I was able to recomb with ease and it still had its hold and shine when I was done.  It had gotten maybe a tiny bit thicker but not hard or crunchy.  I think this is another place where the petroleum stands out.

Ok, great hair day.  Shine, good style, didn’t need much fixing but I did it anyway just to play, what more could I ask for?  Oh yea, washing it out.  Long story less long, it washed out like a water-based pomade.  Shine, Hold, Re-Styling, Washes out…Bam!  It hit the quadrella!  (If you don’t get this go to the track more)

Notice the JS Sloane-esque seal.

Notice the JS Sloane-esque seal.

I’ve never used a Woody’s product so I was unsure what to expect.  I was expecting it to be just an expensive gel but I was wrong and I’m very happy I was.  I found a great product and I recommend it.  I’d love to see them do something a little more interesting with the scent but the truth is it’s a mild smell and you won’t notice it’s there so maybe there’s no reason to change what you won’t notice.

Stop, there’s a question from the audience…Yes, you there with the antennae, what’s your question.  “Yea, I got a problem Mr. Big Shot Internet Guy, I saw this stuff and it was your standard Ceteareth-25, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate gel/pomade.  What’s up with that?  huh?”.  The sad truth is that Woody’s has apparently “updated” their formula removing the petroleum and put in stuff to make it more like Layrite or Suavecito or well, most other water-based pomades.  You probably won’t find the stuff I’m talking about here but if you do I recommend you get it.  I’m going to contact Woody’s for clarification but I doubt I’ll get a response.  Can’t hurt to try.  In the last picture notice the paper “seal”.  That might be a give away on the difference between the new and old formulas.  Mine doesn’t have that seal.

Water, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Lanolin

Water, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Lanolin

[Update] Woody’s got back to me but they weren’t familiar with that I was referring to so I took a picture and added it to this post.  I’ll point them at it and hopefully they’ll be able to tell me what’s up.  It seems like the product that might be most like what I’ve reviewed here is Woody’s Head Wax.  I’ll grab some of that and let you know how it goes.


One comment on “Woody’s Pomade

  1. Brian Thompson says:

    For what it’s worth, it looks like their Cream may be somewhat similar to this older version of the pomade…

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