Fisticuffs Moustache Wax

I always check the referrers to see what brings people to the site to get an idea for what people want to know more about. For example: I frequently see vegan in the search terms. I don’t think I have everything here that’s vegan labelled as such so that’s a project for me. Something I see less frequently is a search for a specific product I didn’t know about. For example: Fisticuffs Mustache Wax.

I found the name interesting because, as we all know, “fisticuffs” are shirt cuffs that are big enough to allow your fist through. Very useful if you have big, giant hands and want to wear tightly tailored shirts…hang on, editor on the line…(Yea, I’m doing the fisticuffs review…of course I did the research…what, really?…Ok, see ya).

fisticuffs_logoIn case you’re unfamiliar with ye olde combat sports, fisticuffs is bare knuckle boxing with the late great John L. Sullivan as it’s iconic poster boy. Mr. Sullivan himself sported a fancy handlebar stache.  Is Fisticuffs Mustache Wax strong enough for even the great Mr. Sullivan?  ding ding!  Let’s get ready to …wax! (See how I cleverly avoided being sued by Michael Buffer?)

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax comes in a 15g (ie: .5 oz) sliding tin. There is also a pocket sized. 7g (ie: .25oz) tin available as part of a combo with the larger size. The top of the tin has a sticker with the product name done in an old west motiff. The back is blank.  The website describes it as “A high quality mustache wax made from all natural ingredients purchased from local businesses here in Southern California”.  Supporting the locals is something I can get behind.

Inside the tin is a deep yellow wax.  Wayne, the craftsman of this fine product, tells me that in addition to the ingredient listed on the website, the essential oils are rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, and orange essence.  The scent was a little like a citrus-ginger with a little something different to it, maybe the lemongrass?  Honestly, it wasn’t my thing but I tend to be a sucker for lavender or unscented.  Scraping a little out is the term I usually use when getting some wax out of a container but this wax is pretty soft and pushed right out. You won’t need to use a blow dryer or do pocket warming for this. When I began kneading/rolling it between my fingers it was leaving a little oil behind but staying solid and not falling apart. It was very smooth when I smooshed it down. No unmelted waxy bits or graininess.

It applied very easily to my moustache. I didn’t have much trouble getting an even distribution; the areas that did go in a little too heavy were combed through without any tugging. I used a little more to dress each end of my moustache into curls. Application was very easy given the softness but I was concerned that a wax this soft with a fair bit of oil wasn’t going to be able to maintain its hold; a concern that was unneeded.

Shortly after application the curls had set nice and firmly. This was a pleasant surprise.  It had that oily feel and softness that led me to believe this wouldn’t be the case. When I touched the curls you could make out the oils but they had definitely set but not so firm that you couldn’t play “silent movie villain”.  I do this frequently and my maniacal twirling didn’t seem to bother them.  The smell had faded a little but was still noticeable.


John L. Sullivan
The “L” stand for Large Moustache

As is the case with most beeswax/petroleum jelly waxes the heat gave it some trouble.  The following is my normal experience for these types of waxes.  The middle came loose which is par for the course on my wiry hairs and the ends drooped a bit but I didn’t get any fraying.  The most noticeable softening was where the moustache wax had to deal with a sweaty upper lip; not so much on the length of the curls.

Washing it out was also typical for a beeswax and petroleum jelly moustache wax in that it won’t rinse out and your normal soap will leave most of the petroleum in. You’ll want to shampoo it to get most of it out or do as I do, and use Wicked Cookie Duster to just dissolve it all and wash that out with something milder than shampoo. I did notice my moustache felt softer than usual after using Fisticuffs. I don’t have my soft-o-meter nearby to confirm this but I’ll chalk it up to the coconut oil in the wax.  I like when moustache waxes are also conditioning.

fisticuffsIn conclusion I was impressed with Fisticuffs Mustache Wax. It was very easy to apply and had very good hold on curls. This would make a truly excellent beginners wax because of the ease with which it applies and how well it holds curls. I also think it would make a  good wax for experienced moustache engineers who just don’t want to deal with the really firm waxes but want something that will set well.  The conditioning supplied by the jojoba oil or coconut oil or both was noticeable and I really enjoyed it.  If there was an unscented (or lavender) version this would have a home in my daily rotation.

You can purchase Fisticuffs Mustache Wax from the home page, the bigcartel page or facebook.  You should also check out their t-shirts.  They’re very well done and they have a new one “Grave Before Shave” that’s very cool.  I also love how the sizes have moustaches that increase in size as the shirt size increases.  Those of you getting XXX shirts get the truly epic stache.


5 comments on “Fisticuffs Moustache Wax

  1. The tin looks familiar…hmmm. So I must ask, what are the ingredients?

    • I think I touched on them in the review. The ingredients listed on the web page are: Beeswax (from a local bee farm), Tee tree oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Some essential oils, Raw Petroleum jelly. Wayne, a tip top chap, expounded on the essential oils stating them as: Rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, and orange essence oil.

  2. Hey Dave,
    What is raw petroleum jelly? Might you know?

    • I don’t know what it is. Petroleum jelly is a problematic ingredient and not just from the carcinogenic , or not, perspective but that even big manufacturers don’t list the grade they use.

  3. Oh don’t I know. I just went to their site and noticed it had “Raw” Petroleum listed as an ingredient and thought hmmmm…is that like crude oil? Could not find it anywhere on Google. Let me know if you hear or find anything out on this! Hope you had a great weekend!

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