Nevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover

I don’t particularly like to do reviews that are entirely negative.  Almost every product I’ve used has had some usage case that it’s good for, even if that case doesn’t fit into my style.  If I can’t make enough use of something to get a good feel for it then I usually just put it aside and move on.  Today’s review is a little different though because it’s a product that just doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do and folks who might be interested need to be made aware of this.

solid_stacheNevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover is labelled as a moustache wax remover.  If you read my reviews you are probably well aware of my love for Wicked Cookie Duster, a liquid moustache wax remover that has proven it’s worth to me time and time again.  Unfortunately it has remained without a challenger…until now!  I quickly purchased a tube of Solid Stache Wax Remover.  Would this young upstart be able to knock Wicked Cookie Duster off of its throne?

Solid Stache Wax Remover comes in a cardboard push-up tube.  Think of the ice cream that you used to get as a kid where you would push it up to reveal more and you’ve got the idea.  There’s a label with what appears to be a long necked, mustachio’d woman wearing a bowler hat along with the product name, directions and ingredients.  The “solid” in the tube is a soft, oily affair with a bit of a course texture.  It smells pleasantly of mint.

The oddly capitalized directions state that you should “Apply to fingers or directly to moustache to remove wax”  I first used the apply directly to moustache model but later moved to the finger application method to try and get more coverage.  The product has more hold than some moustache waxes I’ve used.  This isn’t an over exaggeration.  When I applied it to my droopy, sun-baked moustache I was able to perk my curls right up.

The next step is “Rub into moustache”.  I did that already with application but a little more agitation can’t hurt.

The final step is “Wipe off with a towel and warm water”.  I’m not about to ruin a towel by wiping some gloppy, waxy mess onto it so I instead went for a couple of paper towels and warm water.  This did nothing but give me a greasy wet moustache.  Little, if any of the product came off and I was still in possession of some nicely flowing curls.  Maybe I didn’t use enough warm water or towels.

Into the shower I went.  I let the warm water run over my moustache for a while, then rubbed the hell out of it with a new paper towel.  Again, nothing.  I reached for my moustache comb and stood with my face in the warm running water for over 5 minutes combing stuff out of my moustache.  I suspect this was probably a combination of the product and some moustache wax but the way it rinsed right out of the comb leads me to believe there was very little wax residue in there.  Finally I got tired of standing in the shower combing crap out of my moustache and hit with the Wicked Cookie Duster.  After rubbing that through and getting some progress I still had a pretty greasy moustache.  After no less than 3 hits with Bluebeards Original Extra Conditioning Beard Wash and another rinse of Wicked Cookie Duster was I able to get the type of clean moustache I have come to expect from 1 application of Wicked Cookie Duster and 1 wash with  Bluebeards.


Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore.”

This product just doesn’t work.  I followed the directions several times and every time was the same.  That alone is bad enough but it actually went that extra step and made my moustache harder to clean than it would have been without it.  The final nail in the coffin is the ingredient list contains the red flag words, “Contains all natural ingredients including…”.  Please post the complete ingredients list.  The product doesn’t work so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing the formula and I’d like the peace of mind in knowing that I didn’t just rub an all natural poison into my moustache.

The saddest part for me is Nevermore Body Company actually spent the money on making a good product.  It has a lot of the right words, “avocado oil, argan oil, rosemary extract” all with a nice scent.  Maybe they mislabeled the product.  I think this would be a fine leave in conditioner but they would need to formulate it to be a little easier to wash out.

You will notice that there is no link to the Nevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover.  I don’t want to be responsible for you buying a product that doesn’t work.  I did include links to the two products I use to successfully remove moustache wax on a daily basis.


2 comments on “Nevermore Body Company Solid Stache Wax Remover

  1. I still have gotten no word back from this company…ho hum.

    • Yea, but ya know, I’ve tried contacting some very popular etsy businesses and been ignored. Have you tried contacting them through their non-etsy contact?
      I munged the URL so you’ll need to copy/paste it.

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