Dubs Stache Cream

Moustache Waxes are not a mainstream consumable and so it’s practically impossible to get anything but Clubman Moustache Wax on store shelves.  This is why etsy.com has become an effective money sink.  There are a lot of talented people out there tweaking the classic moustache wax recipe based on their personal needs and sharing it with anyone with a few bucks.  It’s a “buyer beware” environment but moustache wax is cheap and, at least for me, it’s fun to take the chance.  Hell, I’ll spend 5 bucks on mediocre corporate coffee; why not spend that money on something that might be magnificent?

Purple and yellow stripes are an indicator of quality

Purple and yellow stripes are an indicator of quality

I’ve picked up a few moustache waxes from etsy but the one that got me started there is Dubs Stache Cream.  I’ll tell you why: Purple and yellow stripes.  Yea, I bought it because of the purple and yellow background on the label.  Maybe not the most most effective basis for decision making but it seemed to work because Dubs Stache Cream is an interesting and very effective moustache wax.

Dubs Stache Cream is made by Dr. Dubious, apparently a funky individual, in Orange County, CA.  His webpage lists this as a “competition style wax”.  At the time of purchase I had no idea what this meant.  I’m still a biy foggy on it but I think the gist is that Dubs makes this; Dubs wears this to competition; Dubs wins competition.  I think that’s a pretty good pedigree for any moustache wax to boast.

I have my 1.3 oz screw top tin of Dubs Stache Cream with the aforementioned purple and yellow striped sticker on the front.  The regal profile of Dubs on showing you just how exquisite a moustache can look.  On the back is the product name, ingredients and web page.  It’s a thin and wide tin and fits nicely in the pocket.  Fairly traditional so far.

Inside is where things get non-traditional.  The product has, as the name would lead you to expect, a sort of creamy texture in appearance.  Not at all like the solid mass of wax you’re used to.  To the touch the cream is very spongy.  When I pressed on it, it kind of gave in like a moist cake might.  It didn’t really scrape out like a wax either, it was kind of just bulldozering up on my fingernail.  The only scent I could identify was that of beeswax and it was light.  If it’s supposed to be scented I was unable to identify it.  When you’re done getting it out of the tin make sure you reseal it.  I noticed the product got a little darker where I had scraped some of the cream out and I thought that it might be drying a little.  Note:  I have not experienced any drying of the product in the tin either because I keep it sealed properly or because it’s not actually drying and it’s something else causing the darkening.

Rolling it between my fingers it easily held together and would pick up the stray pieces of cream that were on my nail from getting it out.  It wasn’t particularly dry nor did it leave any oil behind.  It was soft but not tacky.  I normally break the glob of wax I have in half, one for each side of my moustache.  This helps me minimize over-application.  Normally a wax just sort of breaks in half, no big deal.  This stuff is a little different it stretched as I pulled it.  Weird.

Applying it to my moustache held another surprise.  As I was applying it I noticed that it would form sort of ‘gooey strands’.  It’s difficult to explain but it’s like the product sticks to the moustache hair and instead of just smoothly going in it sort of stretches until it releases and so you get these unusual little strandy formations.  This has no impact on the ability to get it applied or how it looks.  It went in fine with just some odd behavior and looked no different from any other moustache wax.  Nothing bad, just different.

This is the crux of the review.  This stuff hardens like a rock.  I use it primarily on the ends to create amazing, floating curls that have never let go on their own.  I tend to either use a softer wax to dress the middle of my moustache or nothing at all.  I think a product like this is overkill for something as simple as keeping the middle swept out of my mouth.  If you are going to comb, for the love of your moustache, be extremely careful.  This stuff is a rock.  You will NOT get your comb through it once it’s set.  Additionally, make sure you get all your hair together when your applying this.  I find it better to over apply than under apply because you won’t be just sticking stray hairs back in after it’s set.  It’s not tacky,  it’s dry.  I figure it takes about 5 minutes to set, ymmv.

Dubs Stache Cream also releases with water but not like, “Oh, I can’t go out because it’s raining”.  Even sitting in the shower just made it kind of droopy and unable to hold some of the more wily hairs in place but a little massaging and it all released and washed out surprisingly easy.  I really like this about it.  I often use Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover to get out more traditional waxes but this cream is pretty easy to clean up without it.  Of course, Wicked Cookie Duster can still speed things up and also acts as a nice conditioner so I’m going to keep using it.


This makes me want to run a thimblerig with moustache wax tins

Since you won’t need to fix your stache with this in it we don’t really need to talk about restyling but I will because I know you’re all going to try.  Like I said, get all your hairs together when you apply it.  Once it’s set you don’t want to try and loosen it up enough to get those strays back in.  I would recommend applying more cream rather than trying to loosen it up and hoping it rehardens.  In my experience this is a slippery slope.  Wet fingers, roll hair back in, curse as another hair comes free, roll hair back in, curse as another hair comes free.  On the other hand you can change the basic shape of your curls, tighter or looser with slightly damp fingers.  Seriously though, just take the time to get it right the first time and don’t sweat it.

I think I’ve said everything I need to about Dubs Stache Cream except that this is a very unusual wax and I love how it keeps my ends together.  I have some pretty unruly hair and Dubs Stache Cream always, without fail, gives me strong, floating curls.  If you’ve ever seen some of the competition guys with their corkscrew ends or something crazy and wondered, “How the heck did they do that?”  try this.  I think you’ll be impressed with what our moustache can do.  I haven’t tried the original formula but I can’t wait to see how a softer product from Dubs works…plus it’s lavender scented and I’m a sucker for a good lavender moustache wax.

You should head on over to Dr. Dubs etsy store and pick up a tin.  While you’re there pick up the original formula and let me know how lavendery it is.

Disclosure: I am not associated with Dr. Dubs or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 1.3 oz. tin of Dubs Stache Cream I used to write this article was purchased by myself.  Does anyone even care about this disclaimer?  It’s not like this is a revenue generating site.


One comment on “Dubs Stache Cream

  1. Larry Marcom says:

    I just received a tin of your mustache wax in the mail. It was super hard, not easy to apply at all. Is there a way to soften it?

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