Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Wax

Not long ago I went to the mailbox to discover a singularly unremarkable brown mailer addressed to yours truly.  On the back was a large wax seal with the initials C.F. elegantly emblazoned upon it.  My curiosity was piqued and I attacked the envelope with a wanton disregard for personal safety.  A floor full of shredded envelope, a few paper cuts and one hang nail later I held aloft my prize.  I small tin of wax with the Captain Fawcett logo upon it!  Hurray for me!


When you need that firmer hold required for the tropics

This was a sample of Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax in a firm variety.  I really like the original formula of Captain’s Fawcett and my waxes are all on the medium side of the medium to firm scale.  Yes, sometimes my death defyingly dense moustache will droop after a busy day but that’s fine with me.  I was excited to dry a firm wax from a name I trust to see if there was anything to a stronger holding wax.

As mentioned, this is a firm wax and will not easily respond to your nail without a little bit of time under the warm air machine.  Once scraped out I found the wax to be a pretty dry affair.  It held its shape fine while I was kneading but I was only able to get it to soften a little more with my fingers.  When it came time to apply to the mousatche I had some initial trouble getting it from the finger onto the hair but after I got a little bit transferred the rest seemed to apply a lot easier,  repeat for other side.  I use a fair bit of wax on the ends to get some nice curls or rapier-like points and leave the middle un-waxed for a natural look.  Rolling the ends together I found everything held together while still being pretty dry.  As the wax set I added my curls and left for my day of costumed crime fighting.

The wax set fairly quickly and this was another difference from the original Captain Fawcett’s.  The original formula stays pretty tacky through the day but this version set dry.  It was pretty resilient, I bumped it a few time during the day without any change in shape.  Sounds pretty amazing but there is a downside to hard setting moustache wax and that is it’s hard to fix rogue hairs without applying more.  The majority of the waxes I have stay tacky and tacky allows for some quick and dirty touch-ups without applying more wax.  Not so with this formulation.  This stuff had its shape and it wasn’t inclined to budge.  This was great but I noticed some of my ‘special snowflake’ hairs had, of course, broken free and were making a mockery of my beautiful styled curls.  A little time in the mirror proved that if I was going to get these back in line I was going to need either a hair dryer to loosen things, which wasn’t going to happen, or I would need to add some more to re-glue those miscreants back in with their peers.  This didn’t happen either as I didn’t have the tin with me.

On the other hand, a few misplaced hairs in the softer varieties usually suggests you’re about to suffer some more fraying.  Though with this version, even though some of the problem children had managed to escape, the rest of the crew were holding tight.  I mean really holding tight.  At the end of the day my moustache was holding the same shape I left the house with.  Jumping in the shower after work I was kind of surprised to see it was still being pretty happy.  Water?  HAHA, it laughs at water.  Hot water and soap?  Starting to feel a little droopy.  Wicked Cookie Duster Moustache Wax Remover?  Wax is gone.

me-editedIn a Grooming and Gaming first I’m including a picture of me, at the end of a busy day, with my curls still nicely intact and some notes.

This is a distinctly different wax than the original Captain Fawcett’s.  It’s firmer and drier.  It’s going to hold your style significantly better than a medium wax.  This comes at the expense of being able to do a quick touch up.  This is a non-issue if you have your tin warming in your trousers pocket though.  I needed to be more hands on to get the wax applied but once it was in I had ample time to style it before it set.

Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Wax will be available later this year from Captain Fawcett.


2 comments on “Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Wax

  1. Dan Riegler says:

    Gotta love a good product in a great package!

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