Layrite Super Hold Pomade

I have a couple of things to write about but I’m going to go with the easiest one because I need to get back to leveling Krieg the Psycho.  The newest character in Borderlands 2.

Layrite_Super_Hold_PomadeLayrite Original Pomade was the first water-based hair product I used.  I enjoy using grease in my hair but didn’t enjoy the struggle of getting it out or finding the right balance of adding some extra to freshen things up.  You greasers know where I’m coming from.  I wanted something for the days when I just wanted to get something into my hair to hold it up and then wash it out later.  Layrite was recommended to me and I’ve been enjoying exploring the stiff and easy (this blog is now PG-13) world of water-based pomades.

Layrite was also the first company that took me seriously as I was going around trying to figure out if I could get this grooming thing going and I’m very appreciative of that.  They’re a great company and I’m thrilled to have found their products and to have had the opportunity to talk with them.

They were kind of enough to send me a 4 oz tub of Layrite Super Hold Pomade and I’m going to review it but instead of reinventing the wheel I’m going to direct you to my review of Layrite Original Pomade.  It covers the fundamentals and I’m just going to cover the differences.  See?  Easy.

The tub itself has 2 major difference.  It’s brown and it has the words Super Hold across the front.  That’s it.

Open the tub and “Pow!” there’s that vanilla Layrite scent you should be familiar with…you are familiar with it, right?   This time it’s stronger.  It’s not different just stronger and richer.  I find the smell to be scrumbdiddlyumptious so I’m happy.  The color of the pomade is a dark orange with more of the crustiness some people have complained about around the edges.  I will repeat that this is a natural occurrence from the product settling and isn’t indicative of anything wrong with it.

Scooping a little bit out you’ll notice it’s firmer and, it seemed to me, drier than the Layrite Original.  Rubbing it between my hands to warm it up was fine and you’ll find it’s also significantly denser.  I had some trouble applying it to my completely dry hair so I tried my best to get an even rub in all around then I washed my hands, rinsed them and left a little water on them.  I then did a pass over my hair and it was then much easier to get everything combed through and distributed evenly.  I know I’m an advocate of putting product in dry hair and I stand by that but sometimes you need to change things up to get the best results.

Anyway, the hold is definitely stronger than Layrite Original and is comparable to the other strong hold products I’ve reviewed.  The difference for me, at least, was I had trouble getting it distributed without adding a little water which, as you know, decreases the hold a little and caused my side-part pomp to not be as high as I can get it with Layrite Original.  My hair is normal to fine though so very dense products, like this, can be a challenge.  If you have stronger/thicker strands this won’t be an issue for you.

layrite_super_hold_openHold throughout the day was no issue.  I didn’t get any hairs breaking free.  The height never dropped, the shine remained.  My experience with Layrite Original was that it hardens somewhat.  I thought I was experiencing this with the Super Hold as well but it turns out that it was still malleable but there was no way I was going to get a comb through it.  This isn’t a problem though as there was no reason to comb.  Everything held the way I styled it in the morning and only gave up once I washed it out.

I think it’s safe to summarize that this is Layrite Original turned up to 11 and, in fact, their press material says as much.  I quote from their store page, “Just like our Original formula, but we were actually able to figure out how to add more hold”.  This is completely accurate and if you’ve used Layrite Original and want more hold this is it.  If you haven’t tried Layrite before I would recommend trying Original first and then graduating to Super Hold if you’re not getting the results you want.

You can buy Layrite Super Hold Pomade from Hawlyewood’sLayrite, or

For more information on Layrite and Hawleywood you can visit and

Disclosure: I am not associated with Hawleywood’s, Layrite, or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 4 oz. tub of Layrite Super Hold Pomade I used to write this article generously supplied to me by the fine folks at Layrite.


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