JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade

I normally open my reviews with a bit of goofy jibber jabber, and trust me the review itself has enough that you won’t miss it here, but JS Sloane has made such an exceptional product with Lightweight Pomade that I wanted to get right to the nitty gritty.

Earl grey or oolong...who cares, I look good.

Earl grey or oolong…who cares, I look good.

JS Sloan is Joann Kuno and Smutty Smiff.  They have created a line of hair products; shampoos, brilliantines and top coat gloss (I’ll need to try that) that have a very refined styling to them.  You won’t find any garish colors or over the top graphics here.  We’re looking at a very clean, very tasteful presentation on top of some exceptional products.

Lightweight Pomade comes in a 3.4 oz screw top tin.  I like screw tops.  They’re easier to open than the fit lids.  When I’m primping my hands are probably full of shaving cream, aftershave and or moustache wax and the last thing I want it to have to struggle wiggling the lid off some tin.  Screw tops, people.  They’re the future.  Atop said screw top is  a paper-like sticker that has the company and product name but most importantly it has the profile of a dapper gentleman who, I believe, is pondering what tea he shall be taking with his clotted cream scone this morning.  There is also a sticker on the bottom that has some history, the directions and the ingredients but no scones or tea.  It’s a very clean presentation and will sit nicely alongside your brush and safety razor (those of you without the aforementioned accoutrements are getting a stern eye.  Go, now!  Learn to shave).

After a bit of trial and error I managed to open the tin, the instructions left this part out but I’m no fool.  Inside you have a translucent white gel.  There’s a light scent which I enjoyed.  I am now going to give you the free association when a first smelled it.  Swedish Fish.  Yea, the candy.  After giving my nose some more time to swirl around the essence I’m going with sweet, fresh and clean.  Scooping out a fingerful was different from most (all?) of the water-based pomades I have.  This one offered little to no resistance and didn’t build up like the rest do.  More of a gel consistency.

Dapper Delivery Boy

Dapper Delivery Boy

Rubbing it between my hands, as the instructions tell me to do, and let me tell you, it’s nice to be back on track, there was still no resistance.  This was getting weird.  It just keeps getting softer.  I began having doubts.  My hair, normal to fine, medium length and its fair share of gray, just looks greasy and gross with products that are light.  Stiffening my resolve I apprehensively raised my hands to my fully dry locks…and there they stayed.  This stuff had some serious hold.  I’m not sure what happened.  Rubbing hands together, super soft.  Applying to hair, super tacky.  Anyway, I get it all in my hair and the comb is offering a lot of resistance but not so much that you’re pulling your hair out.  Enough to let you know you’re going to be able to do whatever you want with your style and style you will.  I don’t normally where anything too crazy, sides slicked back, a part with a swoop in the front and maybe a DA in the back.  So the first thing I did is come my hair straight forward and made a hair shelf…and it stayed!  Amazing.  Next time I’m going to have to start stacking bottlecaps on it to see how much it can support.  I then scrunched it all together and made a hair horn like Fry from Futurama and it stayed there also…, look at the time, fix hair, off to work!

Reading the material I didn’t see any mention of shine.  I, personally, didn’t get a lot of shine from this but, and I don’t know why, it really brought out the highlights in my hair and made the gray shine.  Not shine like grease but shine like caught the sun and really made my hair look great.  The scent, which I earlier described as sweet, fresh and clean had mellowed out considerably and was bright, light and enjoyable.  Yes, I would catch whiffs of it throughout the day and it was always pleasant.  Not heavy, overly sweet or musky.  These guys took the time to make a good scent and have it remain nice throughout the day.

This is the stuff your kids will remember YOU using.

This is the stuff your kids will remember YOU using.

Now most water-based pomades do get hard.  There, I said it.  You were all thinking but me?  I’m a pioneer.  So as the day went on I was not surprised when I reached up and felt that my hair style had become a little firm.  I wandered to my office where I had access to a sink and running water, and one of those electric paper towel things…Fine!  I don’t have an office.  It was the bathroom.  Happy?  (*sob*).  I wandered into the bathroom to fix things up and when I ran my comb through my hair it was still flexible.  It was just so tacky that it was holding my hair tighter than Superman holds a black hole (yes, that happened.  Go look it up).  To repeat, no water needed to restyle.  It was still comb-able.   Now I have been able to get other water-based pomades to re-comb but it usually requires the perfect conditions.  This stuff was just worked and that’s great.

If there was a downside it would be that the back of the tin says you can use it on wet hair and my experience with wet hair was similar to using any water-based product on wet hair, which is hard product.  Other water-based pomades, once they harden, should you dare try to re-comb just lose their hold and shine and if you wet comb you’ll just get hard streaks.  Lightweight Pomade, on the other hand will get hard but if you comb through you’ll notice that you keep the hold and neatness but slicked areas gain body and just don’t stay slicked.

I have quite an array of pomades, both water-based and petroleum-based, and I used to select among them for scent or just because one tub was yellow or the other was brown but JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade is on another level.  The hold on this stuff is just astounding and it’s pliability impressed me.  I’m a fan of all the pomades I review here but JS Sloan Lightweight Pomade is something that I’ll be giving out to friends and co-workers because it’s that good.

I’d like to take this time to give a shout out to Joann at JS Sloane.  As a reviewer/blogger who gets to talk to a few folks making hair products I think it’s important to recognize those special people who make this a fun and rewarding hobby/lifestyle.  Joann was a pleasure to talk to and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time out of her schedule to talk with me about her company and their mission and for taking the pomade/grooming community seriously.

Go buy JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade at their webpage.  Here’s a direct link but go pop onto the homepage and enjoy the music and classiness of their design.  You can also pick it up at pomades.com.

Disclosure: I am not associated with JS Sloane or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 3.4 oz. tin of JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade I used to write this article was purchased by myself from a local barbershop.


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  2. DP says:

    What do you think of their Heavyweight brilliantine in comparison to this?

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