Chap Hop

Tonight I discovered something brilliant.  While exploring the entertaining page for Capt. Fawcett’s Moustache Wax (review forthcoming) I followed the link for a magazine called, The Chap.  About halfway down the page was a picture of an eccentric looking gentleman in a bowler hat, thick glasses, a perfectly groomed handlebar moustache and carrying a Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic Drum Machine (old school, indeed!) and a banjolele.

Tut tut, sounds like rap

Tut tut, sounds like rap

It turns out this unique individual is Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer and the article was promoting his new CD tape 8 track cylinder gramophone recording, “The Tweed Album”.  These are bizarre times indeed.

Straight to YouTube and a quick search later I’m watching “Just Like a Chap” aka awesomeness!  If you didn’t click the link, stop and click the link.  It’ll only take about 2 minutes and 41 seconds.  I’ll wait….Ok, back?  Wasn’t that great?  Yea, I thought so also and I needed more.

Earl Grey, not herbal

Earl Grey, not herbal

The recommended links, or whatever they’re called had another curious individual.  One, Professor Elemental and a little ditty called, “Cup of Brown Joy“.  Did you click the link this time?  I don’t think you did.  Seriously, Why do I bother putting in these links if you aren’t going to click them.  Now go back and click it…See?  Worth it.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Apparently this is Chap Hop and I love it.  In case you just pretended to watch the videos (I even embedded them for you) it’s basically hip hop done in a steampunk or victorian motif.  Moustaches, Earl Grey and expeditions in pith helmets are all fair game for these guys.

YouTube has a lot of videos for these two fellows and I enjoyed watching them all.  Professor Elemental even has a multi-part story which is interspersed with his rapping different parts.  It’s all collected here for your viewing pleasure but set aside 40 minutes(!).  It’s wildly entertaining and I hope I can catch one of their acts sometime.  You know I’ll be watching for them.

You can get their music on itunes Professor ElementalMr. B or at their homepages Professor Elemental, Mr. B.  Support these guys and their fantastic style.


3 comments on “Chap Hop

  1. Nice! I will actually be in The Chap next issue!

  2. Nice! It’s a great read! I will be accepting articles for Mustache May soon…keep that in mind!

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