Rumble 59 Schmiere Limited Edition Lucky No 7

That’s enough water based pomades.  Let’s look at some grease from a really fun company, Rumble 59.

Rumble 59, located on the interwebs at, is a German company with a pretty extensive line of products.  Clothes, accessories, shoes and…grease!  Their hair grease line is titled “Schmiere” which Google translate tell us means goo.  I told you these guys were fun.

Schmiere Lucky No 7The Schmiere line comes in 4 core styles, weich (weak), mittel (medium), hart (hard) and knüppelhart (tough as nails).  I kid you not.  Tough as nails.  The name alone is frightening.  I’m going to tell you about mittel because that’s what I bought.  Not just any mittel though, limited edition lucky no. 7 mittel.  Yea, a mouthful.  Schmiere frequently releases limited editions of their 4 core greases and this one is a gambling themed medium grease and celebrates the 7th anniversary of their shop.

This goo comes in a huge tin.  I’m not kidding.  It’s the biggest tin of goo I have.  Weighing in at 140ml, or about 4.7 ounces for the metric impaired, these guys aren’t being skimpy.  There’s a great big label on the front with their Schmiere mascot, a crow?  magpie?, well, in any case he’s pretty tough looking, smoking a cigar and sporting a chip in his beak.  Keeping with the gambling theme he has some aces in his hat and a pair of dice rolling snake eyes.  There’s also some little text that reads, “…mit einer Prise” which google tells me is “with a pinch”.  I don’t get it.  The back has a QR code for the webpage, the ingredients, size, etc.

Inside the tin is, yes, you got it, goo!  Ok, it’s grease.  It’s a milky white goo that’s fairly opaque. It smells kind of coconuty.  I seem to end up with a lot of coconuty hair products.  No problem there though, I like coconuty.  Also, I like typing coconuty.  Scooping it out is pretty easy.  It’s definitely thicker than most of the water based products we looked at.  It acts more like you expect these things to, it sort of just hangs off your finger.  None of that weird pile of pomade you get in the others.  This is grease and isn’t afraid to let you know it.

Rubbing your hands together warms things up and the grease gets a lot softer.  It becomes clear and still smells yummy.  I find that I need about 2 fingers for my hair which is a little more than I normally use in pomades.  That’s cool though because they give you a ton of this stuff.  That’s not a metric ton, it’s a grease ton.  I know, the conversions can get confusing.  Being a medium hold grease you’re going to want to comb deliberately and evenly.  If you just try to yank your comb through you’ll lose hair.  Once it’s distributed though it gets a lot easier to style.  The product tells you in can go in wet or dry hair.  I’ve only used it on wet hair because I like the extra shine that it adds going in wet.  Feel free to comment if you have any experience with putting it in dry.

Rumble59 Schmiere BuckleBecause it’s a grease restyling is a breeze.  Take comb, restyle hair.  It stays pliable all day and keeps its scent all day.  Also, because it’s a grease, this can take a few days to wash out.  I know a lot of folks who use grease like to keep a foundation of grease in their hair so this really doesn’t matter.  I did notice the scent got considerably lighter after a shampoo which is nice because you can add another grease out of the shower and not need to worry about making some sort of weird, coconut raspberry smell.  I might be the only person who worries about this though.

I really like Schmiere products.  They come in some fun colors, have interesting smells and they’re always mixing things up a little with their limited editions.  I’m disappointed I missed their cowboy edition of the weich schmiere.  Maybe they’ll do it again.  I wholeheartedly recommend you go visit their site. and remember to change the language to English if you can’t read German.  There’s a lot of great stuff there.

You can get <deep breath> Rumble 59 Schmiere Limited Edition Lucky No. 7 at and 5 pages worth of stuff at

Disclosure: I am not associated with Rumble 59 or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 140ml tin of Rumble 59 Schmiere Limited Edition Lucky No. 7 I used to write this article was purchased by myself from


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