Foad Moustache Wax

Enough about pomades.  Let’s have a look at a great moustache wax, “Foad Moustache Wax” by Patt Foad.

You'll want it just for the picture

You’ll want it just for the picture

Foad Moustache Wax comes in .5 oz screw top tin.  There’s a label on the top with a fun, stylized drawing of Patt Foad on it.  It’s very groovy.  The bottom has the ingredients and some other stuff.  I like the material of the tin because  it’s a thin metal and that makes pocket warming  pretty easy.

Inside the tin is a orangey brown wax.  The color can vary from tin to tin but that’s the nature of beeswax.  Another thing that’s in the nature of beeswax is a distinct smell.  I don’t particularly care for the smell of beeswax but Foad Wax is scented with essential oils that do a good job of cutting it with something a little citrus-y.  Foad’s scent is light and while you’ll notice it when you first apply it, it’s very easy to get used to and isn’t overwhelming like some other scented waxes.

At normal morning  temperature (when I’m normally primping for the day) the wax is pretty hard but a little while under a blow dryer and it soften up enough to get a nail full scraped out.  It stays together perfectly while kneading it and when you’re ready to apply it you should have no problems keeping it on your finger tip whether you keep it as a ball or crush it to bits.

Combing it through your moustache should be done with some care at first or you’ll do some unwanted yanking.  Once you’ve got an even distribution though it’s easy to style your ‘stache.  This is probably a good place to tell you how ridiculously jealous I am of Patt Foad’s moustache.  Here’s a video of Patt applying his great wax to his equally great moustache.

Crazy, right?  His moustache looks as soft as head hair.  My moustache is more like a wire brush.

This is an all-day wax.  It’s listed as medium to strong hold.  I think it falls more into the strong category.  I’ve only ever had to re-apply it to the ends and that’s only after I’ve had people yanking on the ends.  Yes, I try to be gracious about people fondling my hirsute appendages.

Foad Moustache Wax doesn’t harden or dry.  This is good because it’s easy to fix or restyle throughout the day.  A minute in front of a mirror with the comb and you’ll be freshened up and ready to impress again.  The downside is that your moustache can stay a little tacky.  Not a big problem but if your loved one has an aversion to a tacky moustache it could get in the way of you getting some sugar.

Foad Moustache Wax is great.  I can’t praise the quality of this product highly enough.  I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Foad over email and his help and kindness were spectacular.  If you want my advice go buy a tin right now if you have a moustache.  If you don’t have a moustache you should grow one and then buy Foad.  Yes, even you girls out there reading a moustache was review.

Here’s where you can get some: and

Disclosure: I am not associated with Patt Foad, or any of the other products or web pages mentioned in this article, though I am in awe of Patt’s moustache.  I have purchased several tins of Foad Moustache Wax from along with some other products which I’ll be looking at in the future.


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