Suavecito Original Pomade

Today I’m looking at another great pomade, “Sauvecito Original Pomade” by (wait for it…) Suavecito.


Everyday is Dia de Muertos when you use Suavecito

Suavecito Original Pomade is a water-based pomade that comes in a black labeled tub with ye olden font emblazoned across it.  On the lid is a  spooky skeleton guy in a t-shirt styling his giant pompadour.  It comes in a 4 oz. and 32 oz tub.  No 1 oz tub here but I don’t know anyone who buys 1 oz of pomade.

Suavecito Original is similar to Layrite Deluxe but don’t let the similarity dissuade you from getting this product.  It has a few key differences that distinguish it from Layrite and give it a permanent spot on my shelf.

Inside is a translucent sarsaparilla (that’s rootbeer for you rapscallions) colored gel.  The smell in the tub is a little like a cologne.  It’s not too strong.  You really need to get your nose in there for a good whiff.  I didn’t notice any bubbles or crusting in it but the dark color could easily be hiding any non-conformity with it.

It comes out of the tub similarly to Layrite.  A weird sort of tacky mountain builds up on your fingers.  One of these days I’m going to try and see just how high of a mound of this stuff I can make before gravity topples it.  I may need to do this outside as the ceilings only go so high around here.


A Pomade Named Sue-avecito

Rubbing it between your palms kickstarts the scent.  It’s pretty nice.  Like I said before, it’s a nice cologne scent but not as strong of a scent as Layrite.  When I’m sporting Suavecito I occasionally get a whiff of the scent but mostly I don’t know it’s there.  The scent is one of the key differences between it and Layrite.  Suavecito seems like a more “serious” scent.  You could wear it to a business meeting, you could wear it to the club.  Layrite’s vanilla is more of a fun scent.

It can be a little tricky to get the right amount of damp in your hair for Suavecito to show it’s true colors.  Because it can go in pretty tacky there’s the temptation to loosen it up with some water.  This path leads to madness…or at least a hardened pomade.  I recommend putting it in dry or just slightly, very slightly damp hair.  Using it conservatively, a small finger full at first, and then touching up and adding more where you need it more is going to give you the best results.  I have found that using a little bit through dry hair, combing it through, retouching the sides behind the ears where my hair juts out a little and then finishing the style worked the best for me.  You can use more product to get some more shine, or perhaps just add a top coat if you hair, like mine, can’t really support a lot of product without looking bad greasy.  Using a minimum of water will leave the product more recombable.  The more water, the more shine, the less hold and the harder it will dry.  You’ll want to take the time to learn the proper amount of product to very little water and then…awesomeness!

It washes out very easy under some running water.  Use a little shampoo or even hand soap if you think you have a little left in there.  You could screw up your hair, wash it out and try again in less time than it takes for your coffee to brew.  That’s a great thing for those of you who need to get to work but also want to look your best.

I love Suavecito Original Pomade.  There will always be a tub on my shelf and it will always share a spot with Layrite.  Great hold, great separation  low shine and a mature scent.  As with other water-based pomades it can take some time to get the amount of moisture in your hair for the best application but once you’ve got it this stuff is the real deal and since it washes out so easy it can be fun to experiment with on those off days.

Why haven’t you bought this yet?  Oh yea, the links.  You can buy Suavecito Original Pomade from Suavecito, or

You can learn more about Suavecito at their homepage,  Buy a t-shirt or a hat while you’re there.  Hell, buy two and send me one.

Disclosure: I am not associated with Suavecito, Layrite or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 4 oz. tub of Suavecito Original Pomade I used to write this article was purchased by myself from


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