Layrite Deluxe Pomade

Seeing as this is my first published post to the site I thought I’d go with a great product, “Layrite Deluxe Pomade” by Hawleywood’s.

Layrite Deluxe Pomade

As close as you’re going to get to the Holy Grail

Layrite Deluxe Pomade is a water-based pomade that comes in a distinct yellow-labelled plastic tub.  The claim on the lid is, “Holds Like A Wax, Washes Out Like A Gel”.

When I got my first 4 oz. tub of deluxe the first thing I noticed was the musicality of the tub.  Tapping on the lid or drumming my fingers on the side was met with an entertainingly boingy vibration.  If you own this product and haven’t just wandered around thumping the container I’d recommend doing it just for fun.

Inside is a translucent orange gel.  The smell is vanilla-y, not too strong.  There are some tiny little air bubbles near the surface and it’s not uncommon for the edges to build up a little crust.  This is just a little bit of dehydrating and is normal.  Once you begin warming it up a little in your palms it  all comes together.

Scooping out a finger-full of the gel is a little weird.  It builds up on your finger like a pomade mountain, AKA: a pomountain.  It’s not gooey or runny.  I doubt this stuff would ever change its shape on its own.  It spreads fairly easily between your palms but stays tacky.  As a comparison, Schmiere Weak warms up to be much softer, Lucky 13 Devil’s Deluxe warms up to be a little softer and Schmiere Medium is probably a little firmer.  This is also when the scent picks up.  As you rub your hands together the scent gets stronger.  Very vanilla-y.  Makes me want to eat my head… ya know, like ya do.

I first started using this on damp hair and was noticing that it was drying hard and not giving me any of the restyling potential  advertised in their their material here so that gave me the desire to go into “experiment mode” and figure out what was going on.  My discovery was that I was using too much goo with too much damp.  I was using two good finger scoops and by good I mean, really…good.  Anyway, using a more conservative amount on dry hair and touching up areas that needed more hold, for me the sides behind the ears, gave me the ability to restyle during the day but I did lose a lot of shine.  More product would give me more shine but my hair doesn’t hold gobs of goo very well and there’s a fine line between shine and looking gross.  I’d recommend spending the time to learn how much pomade your hair needs.  I’ve seen some folks recommend wet combing but you run the risk of hardening up the areas you wet.  I recommend avoiding water where possible.



True to its advertising this stuff washes out easily.  In fact you can rinse it out in the sink without shampoo if you made your head into some kind of pomade disaster area (yes, I did this.  No, I don’t have a picture).  This makes it easier to find that sweet spot in dryness.  You mess up, you can just start over.  Try doing that with a grease disaster.

Layrite Deluxe is a great pomade.  Good shine, great hold, great scent.  It takes some learning to get the most out of it and, while it does restyle,  it doesn’t re-style like a grease.  Being water-based it offers you the benefit of a quick wash out.

You can and SHOULD buy it from Hawlyewood’sLayrite, or

For more information on Layrite and Hawleywood you can visit

Disclosure: I am not associated with Hawleywood’s, Layrite, or any of the products or web pages mentioned in this article.  The 2 4 oz. tubs of Layrite Deluxe I used to write this article were purchased by myself from and Johnny D’s Barbershop.  I needed 2 because I gave one tub away less than halfway through.


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